Tips and Tricks


First you have to bleach the hair. There is no peroxide in these semi permanent colors and so they do not brighten your hair. Even on natural blond hair a bleaching is recommended, it will roughen the hair structure and the color will be absorbed better. The lighter the hair, the better and brighter the color. After bleaching wait a few days and hair washes so all the rest of the bleach has been washed out. Use disposable gloves and a brush, you can buy them in every drug store.

Do not use silicone-containing hair care products before and after dyeing.The hair takes on color less well or not at all, if the hair was washed with silicone-containing shampoos. Best practice is not to use hair care products at all before dyeing.

Moisten your hair and dry with a towel for about 10 minutes. Now dye your hair strand for strand on every side with the color until your hair is thickly covered and let it process for at least 30 minutes. Using heat improves the result, for example use a red light lamp, blow-dry or put a plastic bag over your hair. You can mix the colors of one brand.You can protect your skin and ears from getting dyed by putting baby oil, Vaseline or cream on it.

After that rinse your hair for a few minutes with clear water. No semi permanent hair color is suitable for lashes or eyebrows! Make sure the dye has no eye contact! Take care of your clothes, dripping dye can color them permanently. This can also happen with your towel, so just use older stuff where you don't care. This also applies for your skin. If you get any dye in your face, remove it immediately to avoid stains.

Because the color is semi permanent it washes out after some time. So if you want to have permanently colorful dyed hair you have to repeat the procedure from time to time. Some colors may stain your pillowcase for example, but don't worry, this will in most cases wash out after the next wash. The same applies under the shower, some colors may stain your body but it is removable with soap.